Architecture & Structure Engineering

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Architecture & Structure Engineering Structural engineers use basic principles of physics and strength of materials to design and analyze the structures in which we live, work, play, eat, shop and drive. Our number one priority is to provide safe, stable structures. Whether it’s steel, reinforced concrete, wood, masonry or other building materials, a structural engineer determines if the beams, columns, foundations, and other elements of the structure can handle the weight of itself and the loads applied to it.

The Architecture & Structure Engineering  Environment

Structural engineers work closely with construction managers and contractors to build structures successfully and safely. Even though a structural engineer can work for months or even years on the design, analyses and drawings for a project, the job isn’t over until construction is complete. The structural engineer’s involvement is critical to the construction process to confirm the design intent is followed, to answer questions that come up during construction and to respond to unforeseen issues that may arise. Some construction companies have structural engineers that work on their staff to evaluate construction methods.

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